What To Do After Having Covid-19

Covid-19 – a disease that changed many people’s lives for the worst. When infected with Covid, an individual can face various symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to severe symptoms. Additionally, recovery speeds also vary per person.

Some people can take a few days to recover from the mild symptoms; some take weeks. So what can you do next after recovery? It all boils down to the question, “What happens next?”.


What To Do When Tired and Weak

In the recovery stage, it’s pretty common to feel tired and weak. And so long as you’re able, try to do the following:

  • Have a nutritious diet

What we eat can become either a cause for why we are weak or healthy. Eating with a balanced and nutritious diet can indeed promote your recovery and better health. 

If you feel that tired from eating, you can try eating small portions every other hour. This promotes more rest and allows your body to absorb the nutrients it needs slowly.

  • Incorporate some workouts

When you are confident in your mobility and don’t feel lethargic, you can work out. Working out can make you feel more robust and more mentally active. We’re not talking about intense workouts but talking about really light exercises.

Examples of some workouts are doing house chores. Doing house chores can help you break a sweat without spending so much energy. What’s more, is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Another example of working out is simply taking a stroll. Once your quarantine time is over, you can try taking a walk around the neighborhood. Remember always to wear your mask and maintain social distancing to avoid potentially getting hit by COVID again.

  • Make room for rest

Resting is the best way to recover during your post-covid stage. It allows for your body to prioritize energy for repairing the damages done. Another is that resting will make you recover from your post-covid stage safely.

Just remember to monitor yourself closely and to take your prescriptions (if any). That way, you can honestly know whether or not you’ve recovered.

If you’d require assistance, contact a local physiotherapist if you need help to recover your physical state. If you need help with your diet, a local dietician may be the best person to go to. Getting help is sometimes great because it guarantees a higher chance of recovering you back to your healthy self.


Practice Your Sense of Smelling and Tasting

When infected with the COVID virus, you’ve likely lost your sense of smell or taste. When recovering from such a state, you can try training your sense of smell and taste. The gradual recovery of having your senses come back may signify that your body is surely recovering.

To practice your sense of smell, try using perfumes or body sprays that you’ve used before. Once you feel like you’ve smelled the perfume or spray like how it was before you were infected, that’s a plus sign. 

To practice your taste, we can simply go with tasting some table salt or sugar. This is to help you find out if your taste buds are finally back online.


What To Do If You Still Feel Pain

We highly recommend you to do if you feel pain to go and have a check-up with a doctor. This option is the most reliable and safest option one can have.

But if ever it involves pain that’s tolerable and doesn’t incapacitate you, try out Over-the-counter painkillers. You can even ask the pharmacists what you may take as you describe your pain to them. 

In the end, we’d still suggest you go see a medical expert. We may never know what the true cause of your pains is. Having a check-up can possibly reveal any underlying serious diseases or even signs that covid may still be in your system.


Recovering from Covid-19 can be easy for some but difficult for others. What’s important is that we monitor what we feel and take the proper measures. If we decide to see a medical expert, let’s be completely honest with them. Being honest will help in your recovery and will benefit you greatly. Stay safe, wear your masks, and maintain social distancing.